GOTS Certified

Global Organic Textile Standard. All our cotton products are GOTS certified, which means the highest standards have been adhered to, to ensure the garment is 100% organic.

Organic vs Regular Cotton

There are a variety of different reasons why organic cotton is superior to regular cotton.

1. Organic cotton is handpicked resulting in a higher quality, softer and more durable final product.

2. Organic cotton uses natural methods to control crop damaging pests, regular cotton uses chemicals which damage the land, the cotton and the farmers health.

3. Regular cotton is grown intensely on the same land over and over again damaging the land, while organic cotton is grown in different places to prevent the land from being over worked and damaged.

4. Manufacturing regular cotton uses a lot of harmful chemicals which can irritate your skin, organic cotton uses safe chemical alternatives in the manufacturing process, which do not irritate the skin, resulting in a higher quality final product.

Overall, organic cotton is a higher quality material for clothing, which is far kinder to the planet, safer for farmers and you.



Our core supplier who manufactures our garments is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation ensuring their workers are paid properly, work in a safe environment and are not mistreated.


Our core supplier is also certified with the Oeko-Tex standard 100, which tests for harmful substances in textiles. It ensures that every single thread of the final garment is free from harmful substances, helping to protect your health and skin, ensuring that you can have confidence in the products safety.



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